Hiking the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) Northbound in 2013- sharing my preparation for the hike and my day to day experience while I'm on the trail. Inspiring people to follow their dreams.

Where’s Peter??

Follow the link below to the Delorme Mapshare system to see where I am.  Every hour I will drop a ‘breadcrumb’ so you can track my progress.

I ask that you DO NOT come meet me on the trail unless we have previously discussed you joining me for a section.  Its a great joy meeting my followers but, the CDT is no joke and coming unprepared can be very hazardous to yourself and to me.  If you would like to join me for a day or two, please email me well in advance at and we’ll see if we can make it work.*

If you would like to have me speak to your class room or social club about my journey please email me at

* You must be in good physical shape to handle the demands of the CDT, as I can not change my itinerary or slow down my progress

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