Hiking the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) Northbound in 2013- sharing my preparation for the hike and my day to day experience while I'm on the trail. Inspiring people to follow their dreams.

Making small goals helps you reach your big dreams

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Reach your Dreams!

Goals are an important part of any dream because if you don’t achieve small goals, it’s hard to get to your big dream.  I’ve shared my big dreams with you on my previous post and listed some of the things I need to get done in order to hike the CDT.  One of the biggest things you will read about when researching goals, is that you need to write them down and share them with others.  Otherwise, they simply fall off your radar and you aren’t accountable to yourself or others to fulfill them.

This week my goal is to try and live the best days that I can.  Ideally, I’d like to wake up in Tibet to a beautiful sunrise but I have a job and a life I’ve cultivated here.  So how can I be the best, now, with the immediate surroundings I have?

To help me with the CouchtoCDT, I am creating monthly and weekly goals to reach, both personal and for the trail.  I’ve learned that big goals are great and we all need to have them but don’t forget about the small ones.

These are my goals for the week:

Ride my bike to work every day this week (its only 2.8 miles RT)

Bring in lunch each day

Call an old friend vs. Texting

Work out 4 days this week. (Running & Boxing classes)

My Goals for the month of October (whats left)

Research thru hiking food planning (blog post later in the week)

Reevaluate my budget and savings needs

So, what are your goals?


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